Only $2,000.00

I was hustling to fill my first live event with 50 people, until I started using my SOLD OUT SUCCESS FORMULA. Now I fill my own events and my clients’ event quickly and repeatedly. 

This exclusive group training is for 90 days and starts on March 2nd. It is for PGI Consultants only and is for you if you want to host your own live events with ideal attendees to close new clients!

This training is a road map I used to go from being a struggling event organiser to 2,000 tickets sold to my own live events.

There are 3 pillars to the group – Launch, Fill & Close.

You will have access to:

  • The training portal of all video content and supporting downloadables
  • Private facebook group to ask any questions
  • 1 live training from Sarah per week
  • Guest PGI Speakers to tell you how they fill and close at their own live events

The cost is $2,000 and during the 90 days you will have launched at least 3 live events.

You will learn:

  1. How to create a high converting event landing page with the perfect event title and description
  2. Who your ideal attendees are and how to target them 
  3. The emotional and rational motivations of your ideal attendees
  4. The ins and outs of Eventbrite’s advanced features
  5. How to install tracking tools to identify and measure the behaviour of people that are interested in your events
  6. How to promote your events via content marketing
  7. How to target the exact attendees you want through paid online advertising 
  8. How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to promote your events
  9. How to retarget people who showed interest in your events
  10. How to activate your attendees to promote your event for you 
  11. How to find the perfect online groups to pitch your event to
  12. How to Grow your email list with a freebie and create an automated email sequence to promote your event
  13. How to create your slide deck and presentation
  14. How to close clients at and after your event 

This Group is for you if:

  1. You are a PGI Consultant 
  2. Want to pack your live event with ideal attendees in the next 3 months 
  3. You don’t know how to reach your ideal attendees online 
  4. You need help with effective targeted advertising 
  5. You need help closing clients 
  6. You are ready to start filling your events consistently for 2020

“Sarah is a highly professional, timely and results-oriented event sales consultant. She’s helped me bring consistency to numbers of attendees at our events which gives me, as a busy entrepreneur, peace of mind & allows to focus on business growth rather than being bogged down with small details. Sarah is hugely creative & enthusiastic & has been of great assistance with expanding my business. I’d highly recommend her services.” Ewa Pietrzak. 


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